Event Guidelines


Trans Convention Centre (TCC) is committed to ensure that all requirements relating to your event are met. As such, this Event Guide has been prepared to provide Event Organizers, Contractors and Exhibitors with the necessary information regarding TCC’s benchmarks and guidelines that must be observed while working within TCC. 

The Guide provides general safety guidelines, operational and procedural information relevant to any event held in our premises in order to inform and educate the organizers, contractors and exhibitors on the best professional practice to ensure safety on site and during an event. 

It is the responsibility of the Event Organizer and Contractor to ensure all regulations, policies and deadlines outlined in the Guide are observed carefully and performed by all parties involved in their Event. 

By doing this, the organizers, exhibitors and contractors should be able to put in place plans and procedures that limit or minimize risks including accidents, injury and loss of life not withstanding possible litigation and public liability. 

Any Exhibitor Handbook produced by the Event Organizer must be sent to TCC for approval prior to distribution. 

The information in this Guide is current and correct at the time of printing and may be subject to change without notice.