South Bandung

In South Bandung area, tourist attractions are tend to come into contact with nature especially for mountain area. You will be amazed by the wondrous scenery and lovely fresh air. It is also perfect to be an educational spot for family and children.

There are plenty of fascinating tourist attractions in South Bandung such as:

  • White Crater or “Kawah Putih”

It is a unique crater lake because actually the color is not always white, sometimes it looks graduated into turquoise. For most of tourist, Kawah Putih is truly stunning and mesmerizing.  Kawah Putih is beautiful not only because of graduated color but also dead tree forest that gives an epic touch.

  • Rancabali Tea Plantation

This is perfect for those of you who loves to take pictures with green and wide natural scenery. Furthermore, you can learn to process tea leaves at the tea-making factory in there. Your eyes will be spoiled with astounding scenic view.

  • Ranca Upas

A protected forest especially for endangered deers and birds. Interestingly, you can interact directly with those cute deers in Ranca Upas. This is good for family and children trip. It’s like "Little Africa" in Bandung but with cooler weather and far from hustle and bustle of the city.